Metallica Pinball Pro

Metallica Pinball Pro Model

Metallica Pinball Pro Model

Metallica Pinball Pro is the base model of all three pinball machines.  It features some “wicked sick” cabinet, playfield and translite artwork by long time Metallica artist, Dirty Donny.  Extensive use of high energy colors are evident on the Pro model, with reds, yellows (and their hues); contrasted with some serious black ink to pump out the artwork.  Welcomed back are Metal ramps and wireforms on the Pro model.  The professional touch that these bring to the aesthetics of the game can not be understated.  The metal ramps and wireforms along with the hand drawn artwork, lifts the quality and eye-pleasing experience of these pinballs.

Feature wise several things are missing when compared to the Premium and Limited Edition models:
– No Spinners
– No Hammer
– No painted wireforms
– No Snake animated jaw and ball eject
– No Illuminated Undertrough Three Ball Lock Assembly
– No illuminated Grave Marker
– No Disappearing Magnetic Ball Mechanism
– No Fuel Stand-Up Target bar assembly
– No Multiple color LED General Illumination lighting (red,blue,white)
– No Multiple color LED Playfield Inserts (six)
– No Metallica Lazer cut Speaker Panel logos
– No Traditional lock down bar, slides, brackets

The Metallica Pinball Pro smacks of good hand drawn Metallica artwork.  With the songs pumping as you play, this will be a huge hit with fans and pinball enthusiasts.  As a Stern base-model pinball; it is a seriously good looking pinball and maybe one of the best of all time.  At that affordable price, anyone who has one of these Pro models will be the envy of all their friends.

Pricing and Availability:
The Metallica pinball machine is available through authorized Stern distributors and dealers.  Pro Model : $4,995
Delivery Expected Due Date: Mid 2013

Metallica Pinball Pro Playfield

Metallica Pinball Pro Playfield top closeup

Metallica Pinball Pro Playfield bottom closeup

Metallica Pinball Pro Playfield Snake

Metallica Pinball Pro Playfield Cross

Metallica Pinball Pro Playfield lower right

Metallica Pinball Pro Playfield Electric Chair


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